Future proof Whole House
LV DC wiring with AWG18 and ATX LED

ATX LED is using Class 2 AWG18 wire in the ceilings
of new home residential construction since 2017.

• Replaces all AWG14 wire in the ceiling
• saves 74% of the weight of copper
• reduces 84% the rubber/plastic insulation
• and reduces labor cost

Side by Side comparisons with 120vac lighting, have demonstrated:

• 38% savings in energy consumption for the owner
• installation cost savings for the builder
• lower cost, less complicated than PoE
• works without internet
• ideal for solar, battery, off grid
• field upgradeable to Alexa or Control4 etc

Low Voltage DC Products

low voltage Light Fixtures downlights and legacy bulbs
simple wall switches familiar look and feel
smart wall switches no training needed to use
DC Ceiling Fans super quiet high CFM
LVDC Exhaust Fans also very quiet
Home Automation only if you want it
Smoke / CO Detectors not quiet when needed
Shade Controls 3Q2024